The Malhotra Bride – A review

(Spoilers ahead)

I came across this eBook accidentally on Amazon. And I am glad I got to read this book. Loved the Indian version of Mills & Boons. The story is simple. Girl’s family and boy’s family are filthy rich. They try to fix the alliance between the boy and girl. Boy and girl meet, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. But the author very smartly brings in a twist to make this not so complicated affair a complicated one. But still Ms. Venkatraman keeps the story relatable with emphasis on Indian arranged marriages. This story could easily fit the bill of a Karan Johar movie. Even a Rajshri production sans the sexual content would be suitable.

Sunita Rishi- I loved her character. Head strong with her own dreams and aspirations yet she is bound by family traditions and values and wants to upkeep those values without compromising on her dreams. I could relate to her character. In fact every Indian girl would be able to relate to her. Fresh out of college, every girl would want to build her career rather than get married. She is docile yet she knows when to raise her voice. Liked the scene where she stands up for Akshay when her father tries to demean him. Her dilemma in accepting the contract marriage proposed by Akshay was beautifully portrayed. I loved how she wanted to be free yet did not want to betray her parents.

Akshay Malhotra- Tall, dark and handsome; this is how the author describes him. I liked the character traits that he has. Well-educated, well-mannered, suave and most of all chivalrous. He is that man a girl would dream of as her partner. Loved the way he addresses Sunita every time. He comes across as too sweet for my liking. But then I would take it with a bit of salt. I loved the scene where he assures Sunitha that he would help in building her career and her freedom would not be bogged down by their marital status. Akshay has a possessive nature which is just left to bubble in few scenes but not brought forward by the author.

I loved all the conversations that Akshay and Sunitha have. The dialogues are a delight to read. Author tries to hook us to the book through these dialogues which is commendable. And I loved the concept of pre-nuptial agreement between them.

But one thing that put me off when I was reading the book was that the scenes were peppered with too many situations where the leads end up kissing. This is ironic to the fact that Akshay still sees Sunitha as innocent and young. One or two scenes would not have bothered me much. Nevertheless, I loved their chemistry.

The senior Malhotras’- I loved Raj and Tanuja. Raj, a self-made businessman is the perfect modern day father. He is also the perfect family man who respects their views. I personally loved the interactions between him and Sunitha. Tanuja, the sweet home-maker and business woman is the perfect foil to her husband.

The senior Rishis’- The Rishi family is the typical Indian family with conservative beliefs and thoughts. Gokul Rishi is our typical MCP. Leela plays the role of a submissive wife perfectly. The scene where Gokul locks up Sunitha in the room was so out fashioned and reminded me of DDLJ.

I loved how the author draws comparison between the two senior couples elegantly. One character that I adored the most was that of Ratan Rishi. The patriarch of the Rishi family is the Chinese wise old man equivalent. I enjoyed the bonding of Akshay and Dadaji. Also the interactions of Sunitha with her dadaji were heart warming to read.

Overall, The Malhotra Bride is definitely a page turner. I am sucker for mature romantic novels, but this cheesy Bollywood style romance made me finish the book in mere one hour. I absolutely loved it.
I would have enjoyed more if the story had been a little longer. I would love to read more about Akshay and Sunitha, their post marriage life. I would love to read whether Sunitha becomes an interior designer and as promised Akshay helps her or not.

May be a sequel? Are you listening Ms. Venkatraman?

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