He & She

Hey there everyone,

There is something beautiful about micro-tales. Don’t you all agree? Reading those tiny stories always leaves me awestruck. Micro tales have always left me pondering as to how could someone weave such beautiful stories using minimal words. And I know crafting these stories are a daunting task.

With the micro tales bug catching me, I have decided to take up this herculean task and I will be posting a story every week.

And I officially welcome y’all to my He & She World.

The Blurb:

She is the modern-day girl. Independent, emotional, confused and an idiot. He is the modern-day boy. Carefree, flirt and of course, an idiot. And with these two in love, their conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes romantic and sometimes cheesy. And such conversations are always a delight to read and hence, would be the base for my micro tales.

I would be posting a micro tale soonish.

Do read, like , comment and share. And don’t forget to transport yourself to the He & She World.

Hasta la Vista



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