She Swiped Right Into My Heart – A Review

This is my first book from Sudeep Nagarkar’s stable and to be frank, it has left me utterly disappointed. After much contemplation, influenced by the ratings of 4 and above on Amazon and Goodreads, I went ahead with this book. But then it did not excite me. The book was not a page turner for me definitely. The story is simple. It is about three best friends, their love lives and how they come across certain problems, peppered with sexual innuendos and moments. This story would definitely fit the bill of glamorous and insane Bollywood movie. Maybe, Mr. Nagarkar wrote this keeping Karan Johar in his mind.

Prologue of the book started on a high note with a girl running into trouble with a police raid that happens in a rave party and it thrilled me. I expected a different romance. I thought this was going to be dark, enticing and an enthralling ride. But alas! it falls flat.

In my opinion, the characters lacked depth. Nagarkar could’ve polished the lead characters a little more. For instance, Rudra who has been a philanderer all his life, has a sudden change of heart when Geet questions him about his ways and he falls in love with her. When I say love, it is hook, line and sinker. Typical Bollywood ishtyle!

The other thing that put me off was definitely the dialogues. I love reading a book where the dialogues are minimal. But in this book, they sound preachy and philosophical. They were more like monologues rather than dialogues. And few dialogues were too cheesy that it made me cringe. Like the ones characters mouth in a TV serial. I had to skip reading many lines in the book and that was a first for me!

A tiny twist that Nagarkar tries to bring in at the end of the book was another let down. I was able to easily guess who’s the culprit behind the fiasco, even before it is revealed in the later chapters.

But one commendable point is infusing the LGBT angle in the story. Not many Indian authors take the brave plunge to write about the LGBT community. But then again proper justice is not meted out. It turned into yet another I-will-preach fest, with Shibani (the lesbian character) dishing out a two-page monologue. I would have loved to read about a budding relationship of Shibani and a girl similar to her. Something different about the lesbians rather than a monologue.

On the whole, this story did not appease to me much. Maybe, my perspective would change when I read the author’s other books.

My verdict – this book did not swipe into my heart.


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  1. Pankaj Giri says:

    Very well written and detailed review.. Hats off. 🙂


      1. Pankaj Giri says:

        You’re welcome, hope to get your review on my second book which I’m still writing.. 🙂


        1. Sure! I would do that 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Pankaj Giri says:

            Thank you so much.. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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