No Safe Zone


I hail from a very conservative family. I have always been brought up in the warm embrace of my parents and brother. But I missed the “fun” that my friends experienced. I wanted to travel alone, go out of the confines of my home. I wanted to try everything that was not under the shadow of my family.

It was one such evening that I decided to travel in a public transport bus, after a long battle with my parents. I stepped out of the house feeling the air of freedom I had just achieved. I didn’t realize though that this day was going to teach me a very important lesson in life.

As I stood in the bus, waiting to reach my destination, I felt someone trying to rub my arms. Panic stricken, I tried to move away from the man standing behind me. But the pervert had zeroed on me as his prey. To my horror, I realized he was pushing himself on me and trying to touch inappropriately.

I felt suffocated and wanted to run away from there. I remembered what my parents had always told me. “Dear, there is No Safe Zone in this world except for your home”. They were 100% true. I was not in a safe zone. A man was trying to molest me, while people around have no time to care about their surroundings. I realized what grave mistake I had committed. I felt guilty about not listening to them. Indeed, home was the only safe zone.

I wanted to return to the warmth of my family. But then I realized something. I realized I was giving leeway to such perverts by cowering down in front of them. And that was the day I started fighting for my self respect and never looked back.


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