Dear Zindagi


This is a letter from a girl to her best friend, her Zindagi, expressing the love and gratitude she has for it.

Dear Zindagi,

Twenty three years back, a couple brought their second child into this world. And from then that child and you became the best of friends. You know the deepest of deepest secrets of the child. You have been a part of her happy moments, sad moments, festivities, achievements and everything else dear to the child. You have seen the child speak her first word and take her first step with those tiny feet. You were the first one to witness the child spread her wings and soar into the sky to find her destination. You were also the first one to witness the child fall down and pick herself up.

My friend, we have always shared a beautiful love-hate relationship. You were my  shadow who supported me in every endeavor. I never maintained a diary because I knew you would be my constant reminder about my past, present and future. I have shared details with you that even my loved ones are not aware of. I have smiled with you, laughed with you, cried with you and experienced every single emotion in this universe with you. You meant the world to me. I love you to moon and back and you showered me with love the same way.

But then, something drastic happened in the recent past and it made me hate you. I couldn’t smile the way I used to do before. My days were filled with sorrow and my nights with tears. The laughter vanished and I decided to end our relationship. I never realized the magnanimity of my decision. I couldn’t share my feelings with you anymore. I decided to bottle up my thoughts and emotions and that turned me into a living dead. The illumination you brought in my life vanished in a matter of few days and there prevailed only darkness.

When I didn’t see light at the other end of the tunnel, I turned my back to your pleadings and tried to take a wrong step. But again, my friend, you came as my saviour. Right when the darkness was about to swallow me, you showed me the way. You made me realize the importance of my existence. You made me realize my passion, made me understand where my strength lies and where my weakness lies. You were the only one who could bring me back on track. There have been sweet and sour moments between us. But whatever we have shared so far is special to me and whatever we will be sharing in future will also be special to me. I still hate you for the few moments I have experienced but my love for you diminishes the hate I have for you.

Some will win, some will lose

Some were born to sing the blues

Oh, the movie never ends

It goes on and on and on and on

                                                                      -“Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey

These line always reminds me of you my dear Zindagi and I will never forget them as I have dedicated it to you.

Oh my dear friend, you have always taught me some great lessons and there have been ups and downs, peaks and valleys, but I know you have always got my back. We still have a long way to go before we part our ways, but I know you will be there for me every time I need you.

Though we will always have a love-hate relationship, you know that I will love you forever and ever.


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  1. aadhi444 says:

    The way you have written this article is impeccable 🙂


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