Review: The Evil Twin? by P.G.Van

I received The Evil Twin? by P.G.Van as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.



Vinnie lost her parents when she was ten and lives in San Francisco with her aunt and her teenage cousin. She never expected a simple act of kindness would be life altering. Reyan comes into her life threatening to shake up her focus and challenges her resolve. He is everything Vinnie wants in a man and he shows up just when she thought she had everything she needed to stay focused on her life and her goals.


Will he crack her titanium tough exterior and get to her heart? Will she let him into her life especially with what she has been through since she was ten? Will she trust Reyan to help her recover from her emotional wounds?


Will she get to the bottom of why people think they have seen her at places that she has never been to before. Does she have a doppelganger or a twin?

Follow Vinnie’s and Reyan’s love story as she learns the true meaning of love, trust and family.

My Take

I have not read P.G.Van’s previous books and when I received a review request, I wanted to try her books and thus, grabbed the opportunity. One of the main reasons for signing up for this blog tour was the blurb of the book. It intrigued me. Other reason was definitely trying out a new author. But by the time I finished reading, the book left me a bit disappointed. The story has a typical well built, tall, rich and handsome hero Reyan Bhatia and a beautiful lady love, Vinitha Raj. I don’t understand the fascination for tall, dark and handsome heroes in books. I would love reading stories where the hero is some average looking door next Indian boy.

The first few chapters upped the suspense quotient for me. But the story turned into a typical romance and I lost interest in the later chapters. Author has included so many erotic scenes that at one stage I thought I was reading some erotica. I felt that the author could’ve toned down the number of erotic scenes.

When the last thread of interest started to wear out in me, the final twist had me sit up and read with some enthusiasm. Though the twist wasn’t something that made me go OMG!, I kinda liked it. So brownie points to the author for that twist.

As for the characters, I loved Meghan Gill, Mrs.Singhal and Annie’s characters. Their character graph was beautiful. As for Reyan Bhatia, I found him too romantic and sweet. Too sweet for my liking. Nonetheless, the way he supports Vinnie was beautiful. Vinitha Raj is one character that got me all confused. She keeps dilly-dallying a lot. I did notice one or two editing glitches here and there. But I could over look them.

On the whole, a good story with a nice twist. But something didn’t click for me after reading this book. I would probably recommend this book to people who prefer hot romances with a tinge of twists and turns in the story. It is good for one-time read.

My Rating: 2.5/5

My Verdict: This Evil Twin did not turn out to be as evil as I expected. 

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P.G. Van

P.G. Van lives in San Francisco and she published her first novel, Destiny Decides… in October 2015 and cannot stop writing. She loves to spend time with family and is a strong believer of retail therapy (mostly shops for boots and purses!!). She enjoys giving her readers an escape to the world of love and romance.

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