Book Review: Iridescence by Abishek Gupta

I received the book Iridescence by Abhishek Gupta from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



As we experience different places in the external world, we often find ourselves at different junctures in the journey to finding ourselves. This book, through the combination of words and pictures, will take you places, literally and metaphorically. It is a book for everyone and no one. You will find a lot of yourself in this book and this book will help you find yourself. It will make you reflect, introspect, awaken, love, invigorate and hope. This is a book to tuck under your pillow on cold lonely nights and it is also a book to flip through first thing on refreshing spring mornings. This is poetry for all seasons and the constant iridescence of all souls.

My Take:

When I first received this book I was apprehensive as poetry was never my forte. And reviewing a photo poetry book seemed like a herculean task. But in the end when I finished reading the book, I had a satisfactory smile on my face. This book beautifully amalgamates poetry and photography which will leave the readers awed. The author divides the book into two parts and it has 30+ poems in total. Abhishek, the author has brought in a new flavor to the book with all those beautiful pictures that he captured from various places that he has visited. Each poem has something to convey and the photographs just complement the poems beautifully. The juxtaposition is lucid. The vocabulary used in the poems is just amazing. And when you are enjoying the poetry along with the photographs, as a reader you are transported to a different place. The emotion that the author depicts through the poetry is amazing. The photographs are breath taking and there is a meaning to each of the picture. In a nutshell this book is a treat for all poetry and photography enthusiasts. Grab the book and a steaming cup of coffee, sit by the window and enjoy this book.

My rating: 5/5

My Verdict: The book Iridescence is true to its name. This book is a must read for all the poetry and photography lovers.

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