Musings #7: Wife

Musings #7 and it is titled “Wife”. Marital rape is on the rise in our country and we choose to ignore or pretend to ignore the fact that it is wrong. No woman can be touched, even if she is a wife, without her consent. A woman dies thousand deaths every time she is touched….

Musings #6: The Red Color

Musings #6 and it is titled The Red Color. Sanitary pads are taxed while sindoor is tax-free. Both have the same color- red. The sindoor she wears on her forehead reminds her the self-respect and dignity that is being tarnished. She bleeds too, reminding her that she is a woman. She despises the color red….

Musings #5: How Do I Tell You?

Musings #5 and it is titled How Do I Tell You? We all face difficulties in our lives and at one tangent we try to give up. At such moments it is that special person who pats our back and motivates us to fight the battle. And when they do that we fall in love…

Musings #4: The Assault

After a long time I am back with Musings #4. Titled The Assault. Women are sexually harassed everyday and we know of many such stories. But what we don’t know or we deliberately try not to know is that even men are sexually harassed. They are raped. A man or woman. Gender doesn’t matter. When…

Musings #2: The Abyss

Day 2 and Musings #2. This one is titled The Abyss. Do read, like and drop in a comment.

Musings #1 : The Dream

I am going to start a new series titled Musings. They are all about the musings of my heart that have been transformed into words. And I am all set to post my first Musing. The first one is titled “The Dream”. Do read, like and comment.  

Micro Tale #2: The Soul

I am back with another micro tale (read lame) in the He-She Conversation series, titled The Soul.  Do read, like and share 🙂  

The Spice

  Hey everyone, So here it is, as promised, my first micro tale. He & She conversation. More coming soon. Till then do read, like, comment and share. Hasta la Vista  

He & She

Hey there everyone, There is something beautiful about micro-tales. Don’t you all agree? Reading those tiny stories always leaves me awestruck. Micro tales have always left me pondering as to how could someone weave such beautiful stories using minimal words. And I know crafting these stories are a daunting task. With the micro tales bug…